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Meet Your Instructors


Lou | Conference Director

Louis is the founder of Code 3 Divers & Training, a unique Underwater Search and Recovery Team located in South Florida. They work with emergency first responders (police and fire rescue dive teams) to recover submerged vehicles from canals and inland bodies of water all over Florida. He is certified with multiple certifications from Sunshine State Towing Association (SSTA) Light-duty operator, Miller Industries Rotator school, and SSTA Ultra Heavy Duty.

Louis has written multiple unique specialties in the public safety diver community (ERDi) & has taught them all over the United States. Louis holds an abundance of instructor certifications over his career, including but not limited to NRA Law enforcement firearms instructor, SDI & ERDI instructor, PSD rigging and recovery, Swiftwater, hull search, and Lifeguard & surface water Instructor.


Alan | Full Face Mask & Dry Suit

Alan has been diving since 2007 and became a diver for the McDonough County Sheriff's Department Dive Rescue Team. He worked his way up to Assistant Commander for the team. Later, the team would reform as the Western Illinois Dive Rescue and Underwater Recovery Team.


Alan holds instructor certifications from SDI, TDI, EDRI, and First Response programs. Because of his expertise in multiple disciplines, including towing, he was a wealth of knowledge during the creation of our ERDI specialties, Rigging & Recovery, PSD rescue courses. 


James | PSD Rescue

James started scuba diving when he took his first breath underwater in 1977.  Learning to dive from his father, an MP in the Marine Corps, he dove all over NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, and ME.  All dives were done in a dry suit and low visibility, so PSD comes naturally.

He is an instructor trainer for several different agencies, and his disciplines include CCR, trimix, and, of course, PSD. James currently works on a local FD and dives with the rescue and recovery team as their lead instructor.


Chris W. | Rigging and Recovery

Chris started his career in Diving with the Family Business in Key West, Florida, quickly developing his skills to Rescue Diver before starting with Code 3 Divers.

Chris currently holds a 100-Ton Master's License with towing endorsement and has recovered 100’s of boats & aircraft. Chris brings a unique skill set to the table due to his extraordinary life/professional salvage experience. Chris is now a certified SDi, ERDi & Small Boat Instructor and is also one of the main salvage Divers on the world-famous WPB Ferrari in the IWC.  


Craig | Crime Scene

Craig has been a certified diver since 1985 and is currently an SDI and ERDI Instructor Trainer and a certified instructor for SDI, ERDI, and PADI. Craig is a U.S. Army veteran and is currently a Police Supervisor with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement.  He oversees recovery, marine and dive operations, training, and instruction for his department.

Craig is responsible for creating, maintaining, and establishing Standard Operational Procedures, training, grant applications, budgeting, and projections for his department's Marine and Dive Operations branch.


Danny | Dive Team Incident Command

Daniel is a 17-year veteran of the fire service currently holding the rank of Lieutenant. And the co-team leader of his department's dive team. Daniel started his career as a volunteer Fire Fighter at 18 years old. Holding the ranks of Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Driver, Crew Chief, Lieutenant, Honor Guard & FEMA communications technician.

​Daniel Holds dual Public Safety Diver Certifications from both ERDI & DRI. Also, with his extensive safety experience served as a technical advisor for the creation of the Code 3 Divers Rigging & Recovery Course.


Robert H. | PSD Drone

Rob has been in law enforcement for more than 25 years. In 2017 he obtained his FAA part 107 for sUAS operations and started his agency's sUAS program. He is currently the Police Supervisor overseeing the Underwater Search and Recovery Team and the sUAS program for his agency. He has worked with other agencies in starting up their sUAS programs to include policies and procedures. He also assists other agencies in obtaining their FAA COA’s and flight waivers.

Aaron O'Brien1.JPG

Aaron | Interspiro Surface Diving System

Aaron O’Brien is the Technical Sales Manager Diving for Interspiro North and South America.  I started with Interspiro in 2015 and have held the position of Master Trainer for North and South America as well as Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Interspiro Inc.

Prior to working for Interspiro I worked in the Norwest Suburbs of Illinois as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic as well as Dive Team Leader, Fire Investigator and Public Educator.  I started my career in Public Safety Diving in 1994 with my hometown volunteer fire department.  


Todd | Interspiro Surface Diving System

Todd Rishling started public safety diving in 1991 and is responsible for Interspiro’s public safety diving sales/training. A 30 plus year fire service member, currently assigned as a career Battalion Chief for Elk Grove Village Illinois FD, co chair of the MABAS Illinois water rescue committee and strike team leader for IL-WR1 Swiftwater team. Recently retired as a fight medic after a 25 year part time career on a medical helicopter. Is an adjunct instructor for the Northwestern Memorial hospital MWLCEMSS. If you can’t find me on land, look in the water.


Robert S. | Dive Team Incident Command

Rob is an adjunct instructor for the PSD conference & Owner of Do It Right Diving in Indianapolis. He has been a diver since the age of 14 and an active Public Safety Diver for over 20 years. He holds a Public Safety Diver and instructor certification for ERDI, certified Lifeguard and Rescue Technician, small Boat Operator.

Rob has been a career Firefighter/medic for over 20 years and an active member of the Indiana Task Force 1. and is also on the volunteer department that covers his home. Rob works for a local hospital as a special operations paramedic, PIT Road Medic, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  He is also assigned as a Swat Medic for multiple local and federal agencies.


Joe | Small Boat Operations

Joe has been with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources – Law Enforcement Division as an Indiana Conservation Officer for 11 years.  Currently Joe is responsible for training his departments dive time which consists of 50 divers throughout the state along with instructing other local law enforcement agencies and fire departments.

Joe has served in the United States Coast Guard as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist and is still in the USCG as a Special Agent with the Coast Guard Investigative Service. Joe is a nationally accredited boat operations instructor and travels throughout the United States teaching boat operations to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies along with fire and EMS.  


Chris C. | Safety

Chris was born in Indiana, and for the last 21 years has been a member of Portage Fire Department, He is currently a Battalion Chief with the department. He has been a member of the Portage FD Water Rescue, Search and Recovery Team for most of those 21 years. He has risen from the low diver on the team to the team leader. He spends much of his free time working on his craft, both within the department and the dive team.


Brian | Safety

Brian is born and raised in Chicago. He recently retired from Chicago Fire Department spending most of his career with the Air Sea Rescue division as a rescue diver and a dive training officer. His philosophy is always, chance favors the prepared which is why he fits in so well with Do It Right Diving. In his free time he enjoys recreational diving but somewhere warm, very warm.


Cody | Dive Master

Cody started his public safety diving career in 2012 with the Union Township Fire Department. With the support of several agencies, their dive team would become the only joint law enforcement & fire service team in Central Indiana. As the department evolved, it would reform as the East Madison Fire Territory, providing water rescue services to an area of 450+ sq. mi. Cody has been the appointed Water Rescue Team Commander for the last 6 years. He is also a Do It Right Diving staff member located near Indianapolis.

Cody has a law enforcement background and serves as a Training Coordinator & Investigator with the Chesterfield Police Department. He is an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Instructor who specializes in use-of-force. Cody has earned certifications as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Rope Rescue Technician, SDI Divemaster, and ERDI Supervisor. In addition, he is a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army Reserve, assigned to the Defense Coordinating Element, Region 5.


Matt | Dive Master

Matt started diving at the age of 15 and comes with over 25 years of following his passion for dive. He enjoys working and training in fast-paced, dynamic environments that provide opportunities to share knowledge with others. Matt also has over 20 years of dedicated service in healthcare and public safety and is always looking for innovative ways to improve safety within the dive and water rescue community. 


Josh | Lecture: Bringing Home the Lost

Joshua Gibbs volunteers as the Captain of Daphne Search and Rescue and is employed as a Sergeant with the Mobile Police Department in coastal Alabama. He is a Public Safety Diving trainer for both departments and holds PSD Instructor ratings through Dive Rescue International, Emergency Response Diving International and PADI.  


He is a trained Cave Recovery and Technical Diver in addition to being an FBI Firearms Instructor, Armorer, Certified Alabama Peace Officer Standards and Training Instructor, Dive Med Specialist and Emergency Medical Technician. Captain Gibbs maintains technician and trainer level certifications in dive rescue, water rescue, underwater investigations, water survival, firearms tactics, and critical incident response.

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